Thursday, July 7, 2011

I decided to use....

...the green fabric!

Yay! I know all of you are jumping up and down right now!  It's funny, the fabric looks really wrinkled in the photo, but not so much in person.  Hmmm, bad lighting? That's what I blame it on in the dressing room.  If I look too wrinkled, it must be the lighting!

I cut out about 24 circles in maybe 5 minutes with my GO! Baby.  I love that thing!

Don't tell anyone, but I got my GO! Baby from for about $85. Brand new.  I am all about the good deals. Or maybe I'm just cheap?

I've got to make some more circles out of this fabric (above). But I ran out of interfacing, so it will have to wait till I run to the store tomorrow.

I am really happy with the circles.  There is no way I could have cut them out. Not and them look like circles.  Maybe egg shape.... And that would have taken me all day.  It would not have been pretty!  So this weekend I will start the process of sewing the circles to the fabric.  I can't wait!

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