Monday, July 11, 2011

My burp clothes must be tasty!

I knew my burp clothes were good for keeping your clothes clean when holding leaky babies.  I knew they were fun and cute  to look at.  I also knew they were handy for putting under a baby while they were sleeping to catch any spit up.  But did you know they were tasty?!?

Sweet Pea's moma had to keep several laying around because they kept being eaten!

The poor kid couldn't stuff them all in her mouth fast enough!  So this is now my baby endorsement.  Even if the mom's don't care for the burp clothes, they babies love them!!!

I just couldn't help this picture.  Isn't she adorable!!! Love the hair flip going on.  Silly moma tried to put a bow in her hair.  Guess she showed her, huh?!?  So there you go.  Burp clothes have been baby tested and have the Sweet Pea seal of approval.  Or was that a seal of slobber?

This is what the burp cloth looked like before Pea attacked it.

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