Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confident Birthing Workshop

Exciting news!  Connection Yoga and Push Doula Services are teaming up for the Confident Birthing Workshop at the Glowing Body yoga studio. It is the last weekend in July, Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st.  This workshop is based on the book Active Birth by Janet Balaskas.  She teaches how you can use yoga to prepare your body for labor and how movement can help your labor progress.  This is one of the best childbirth education books I have ever read.  I highly recommend it!

Yours truly is the Push Doula part of the workshop.  I get to teach the childbirth education part of the class and Lauren H is teaching the prenatal yoga part.

This is Lauren H.

She is teaching the prenatal yoga part of the workshop.  Pretty awesome teacher!  Don't worry, Lauren teaches more than prenatal yoga.  So if you need someone to whip you into shape, she is the one to call!

She looks all sweet in the above photo, but don't let her fool you.  Lauren will work your hiney off!  You can go to her website and check out what she is about.  I can tell you first hand her classes are a lot of fun.  Hard work!  But fun!

So if you know anyone in Knoxville that is expecting, tell them all about our workshop.  It will help them prepare for labor, mind and body! If you have any questions, please let me know.

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