Monday, July 25, 2011

Car seat canopy

Wow!  It's been almost two weeks since I posted.  You probably thought I had run away!  Nope.  Just had VBS last week.  It was amazing!!! I love teaching and having fun with all the kids, but I am so worn out by the end of it.  Whew!!! 

So I thought I would catch you up on a few things I have done.  Here is a car seat canopy I made for a dear friend of mine.

I just love the birdies!  I actually made a bib out of this same fabric for this same family.  Maybe I should buy some more of it.

There are a few tutorials out there for car seat canopy's.  There is this one, this one is pretty cute, here is one made from fleece, and also this one is made from some great fabric!!!  I noticed most of the tutorials are pretty close to the same.  Each one is just a little bit different.  So go through and pick out what you like best and make your own.

This picture shows the lining fabric. I am pleased with how it came out, but mostly my friend, Janna, is very pleased with it.  So that makes me the happiest!  I keep telling her that she is my free advertising.  Everytime I get the itch to try something new, I make it and give it to her.  She shows it off for me and gives me tips on what to change.  Awesome friend! Love her!  She is an incredible mom with the most precious children.  Wish they were all made like her.

Here is some Michael Miller fabric I found today.  I am going to use it to make another car seat canopy.

Isn't it sweet!!!

The dark red with the horses will be the lining fabric and the handles will be made from the bandana fabric.  Can't wait to see it done!  Know anyone with a baby boy who would want to buy it?  I really need to get an Etsy store!

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  1. I would love to have this western canopy cover for my little boy! Please email pricing at