Friday, May 20, 2011

Let me introduce my babies

I thought I would share a little about my family this morning.  They are all so special and unique.  And maybe a little sassy....

This is my oldest, we will call him "the teenager". I discovered I hardly have any pictures of him anymore.  Could it be because he avoids us at all cost?!?  The couple recent pictures I have of him are a little embarrassing.  If I posted them, you would never hear from me again.  I would be buried somewhere with my seam ripper clutched in my hand.  Not a pretty sight! But I love him dearly.  He is a pretty awesome kid.  However there are times I have to remind myself that stage will end. The clay isn't dry yet! There is still molding that can be done!

This is my second child, we will call her "the creative genius".  She is incredibly smart! Straight A's in school and teachers pet.  Can you tell by the picture of her?  She wants to do everything I do when it comes to sewing and knitting.  "The creative genius" is a whiz at drawing and writing.  So smart!!!  I just pray she uses her "powers" for good and not evil.  Some days I wonder....

Here is baby #3.  And yes she is in a clothes basket. We shall call this one "Sweetie Pie".  This child has a smile that just lights up a room.  And the evil giggle to go with it.  "Sweetie Pie" has a very tender heart.  She is fiercely loyal and has loves completely.  This is the one who will get her feelings hurt the quickest.  A harsh word to this one will break her heart.  I could squeeze this one all day!  Mainly because the older two are really beyond the "moma lovin" stage. Sigh....

And this is "the baby".  She is about to turn 4, so technically she isn't a baby anymore.  However I still call her that out of habit.  This one will always be my baby.  Even when she is 34 instead of 4.  "The baby" is still very attached to me.  She is happy to be by my side 24/7.  She can leave me to go play with someone, but I had better not ever leave her to go do something.  She will call me crying saying she misses me.  Breaks my heart!  This child is so funny.  Everyday I crack up over something she has said.  She is also a tad rotten.  How a 3 yr old can have a 13 yr old attitude I am not sure. But she does!  I am really frightened of the teenage years with this one.  I will probably be completely gray or completely bald by the time she turns 16.  I will probably have a nervous tick by the time she is 10.  In the middle of all this "attitude", she does give some amazing hugs.  She is my best snuggler.

And last is "Fozzie Bear".   We adopted him from the shelter right before Christmas.  He is truly the most spoilt out of all our children.  If your behind touches something solid (chair, floor, bed, toliet) he thinks he has to sit on your lap.  Sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it's annoying.  But I wouldn't trade him for anything.  Is it weird that Fozzie Bear's favorite toy is a stuffed frog?  We named the frog Kermit.  Thought it was fitting.

So this is my babies.  Somedays I want to pull my hair out.  Other days I want to pull their hair out!  But overall they are pretty wonderful. 

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