Saturday, June 18, 2011

WIP for Miss SassyPants

I am working on a tunic for Miss SassyPants. The top band is knitted.

As you can tell it is not quite finished.  Only a few more inches! Yay!

Once the top of the bodice is done I am going to make the bottom out of this fabric.  Too cute huh?  It's going to have an empire waist.  I'm not sure yet how much it is going to flair.  I may gather it so it has a lot of swirl.  But then I may keep it more tapered.  What do you think?

Once I finish Miss SassyPants in the green, I am going to make one for Sweetie Pie out of the blue.  So they will be a little different, but close.  I am a sucker for sisters wearing matching clothes.  I know they will hate me for it one day.  But maybe the fact that I made it for them will make it not so bad.

And this is just for laughs.

One of my daughters got  my phone and took this nice picture for me.  Made me laugh! Thought you might could use a laugh too.

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