Monday, June 20, 2011

Birth photos website

Yes, as a doula I love to read birth stories and see photos of birth.  I found this website tonight, and it is wonderful! Lynsey Stone is so talented.  She captures all the different emotions felt during a birth.  Her work is very real.  There are some pictures that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Then there are those that stike a very deep chord inside those who have been through a tough labor.  One thing I love is that almost every woman wears the exact same expression the first time they see their baby.  It is a look of utter disbelief and joy.  Every first time mom that is a client of mine, I tell the same thing.  Even though you know there is a baby inside you, when you first see the baby there will be a moment of shock.  They all smile sweetly at me thinking I am a lunatic.  Until they have their baby.  Then they laugh and say I was right.  Nothing can compare you for that first sight of your baby.  It is magical. So enjoy looking through Lynsey Stone's website.  I hope it will bring back some magical memories for you.

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