Thursday, June 16, 2011

Berry and Peach Picking

My other half had Wed off work, so we decided to take the kids to The Fruit and Berry Patch in Halls for a little fun. The girls were so excited! That is one of their favorite places to go.

Miss SassyPants was so excited at picking blackberries.  We picked more than Daddy did, so that was awesome for her! We won't tell her that he let us win.

Next we went to the peach trees.  They were beautiful!

Sweetie Pie was pretty good at finding pretty peaches. Say that 3 times fast!!!  Too bad she gets her height from me, so she was limited.

Daddy's little helper. Ain't she cute?!?

This is my favortie picture.  I have this app on my phone that lets you take pictures that look like they were taken on an old camera.  Reminds me of the pictures of my sister and I when we were little. 

Caught snacking in the field!

Yep, her too. Caught!

And last we visited the goats.  They were quite happy to see us.  Talking up a storm!

This one just had to come and say "Byyyeeeee". Yeah I know. That was a little corny. But it was funny!

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