Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Pinwheel Quilt

I finished this quilt top months ago!  It has taken me this long to find the right backing for it and get it quilted.  Please tell me I am not the only one the quilt tops just waiting to be quilted!

I searched and searched for the right fabric for the backing and couldn't find anything that felt right.  You know what I mean? You see that bolt of fabric and you know it was meant to be on your quilt!  So one day I was looking for orange and white checkered fabric (go Vols!) to make a pillowcase dress for a friend's baby. None of the usual stores carried it.  So I started looking for other fabric shops in town that I may not know about.  I found one! I thought it was just sewing machines, but they also have an amazing selection of fabric, including orange and white checkered fabric!

While I was walking around drooling looking at fabric I found bolts of Sugar Pop by Moda! I used a charm pack of Sugar Pop to make this quilt, plus some extra fabrics.  This new store I love is All About Sewing.  They were so nice and helpful.  Plus lots of Moda fabric! Bolts, charm packs, jelly rolls.....sigh!

See! Isn't it pretty!!! I love the backing fabric so much, I think you could use it as a reversable quilt.  What do you think?

I quilted it in a wonky wave pattern.  I call it wonky because not every wavy line is the same.  See, you probably thought I meant to make it wonky!

This is the first time I quilted something that wasn't in straight lines.  Very scary! But it didn't turn out too bad.  Just a little wonky! I just listed this in my Etsy shop.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Love your pinwheel quilt, the backing is just perfect!